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. the house meets at 10 eastern to consider a bill regarding hurricane sandy relief funding. you can see that live on c-span at 10 eastern. and at 1 p.m. eastern, centers will join house members for a joint meeting of congress. >> coming up on c-span2, we will have live coverage at 1030 the am eastern of nancy pelosi's news conference. before that, some of yesterday's mock swearing-in ceremony. new and returning senators met with vice president biden in the old senate chamber. we will show you as much of this as we can until our live event in an hour. >> part of yesterday's opening of the 113th congress was a mock swearing-in ceremony for new and reelected senators. the official swearing-in was on the senate floor your the mock ceremony with vice president joe biden was later in the old senate chamber. we will show you as much of this as we can until our live event at 10:30 a.m. eastern. >> please raise your right hand. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you will bear the true faith
sort of sandy hair dye. john would get furious at him because he did not do what he wanted and he is one of those precise people who has been really good to me and when my husband died he was there, came to receiving that night. he has always been there for me. he went to washington for the bill signing. that is interesting too. he was in court and his wife, he had a system that worked. a plane ticket from atlanta to washington to baltimore because her mother lives in baltimore. she flew in -- there's a thousand dollar plane ticket waiting for you, you fly out there and go to that bill signing. he really had a good time. he enjoyed himself and got a lot out of people and it was good but somebody asked what he did for clothes. he said he didn't have a bag, but started at oxford. he had fresh clothes and it was good. he was hair, a washington attorney was there and cam russell went to italy with me because john was the first choice because he couldn't end court trial and he didn't go and his harvard student, he lost the biggest case of his life and won a trip to italy. i tell people
the issues with hurricane sandy or a lot of the issues that actually came up with long lines, none of that has anything to do with some of the laws that were being passed. and so i think getting facts out there and getting folks to understand what this process is all about, the distinctions in your actual access to the process versus, um, the machine you vote on versus the system surrounding, making sure that you're in the right polling place, making sure that, um, you get the ballot that you're entitled to and you're voting for the people that are actually going to represent you. those are things that i think we need to continue to talk about, and certainly we are as an organization continuing to gather data ourselves on what our members experienced on election day, what we observed as poll observers. but what we are at least hearing in the media, what we are hearing anecdotally is certainly what we would have expected given the lead-up to this election. so we appreciate the opportunity to contribute in any way we can to making sure the decisions we make going forward are fact-pac
, but peter king on the house floor, there was a lot of a fuhrer over that sandy bill but secondly, boehner and the leadership which was voted in 2010, that got a lot of folks fascinated. let's not make the agenda about the republicans. we are falling into the trap of the left-wing media. the agenda is about obama and the senate. it's not about us little republicans. we should not fall into the trap, like we don't know what we are doing. we need to start putting the agenda on them. they need to give us the agenda. >> guest: i think your anecdote about a sandy bill in the sandy photos and interesting london i think it reflects a lot about how speaker boehner operates within the house. for example when the fiscal cliff -- fiscal cliff deal came over was a tough vote for republicans. what i heard is boehner pulled the sandy relief bill from the floor because he didn't want to force republicans to vote on the spending package so close to set a deal that they didn't like. you cannot with the policies but that seemed to be boehner's i did. after he heard from congressman peter king of new york an
standards. c-span: you talk about people in your book. i get you to title a bit altogether. just as sandy was crucial in the late 90s. crucial in getting the elimination of glass-steagall peer classico licit depression era of the bidet separated and commercial banking, protected us pretty well for 70 years. finally come to sandy wilde and his friend, robert rubin drove a stake through glass-steagall's heart. he was dead and gone. sandy could amass an empire known as travelers group, which merged with citigroup, citibank to become citigroup. he was a beneficiary of the elimination of glass-steagall. c-span: and use a rubber band, secretariat of the clinton administration but back to citigroup after that. today we do say $100 million? >> guest: $150 million over time as an armaments breeze that the company of the board who didn't really have to do much, that certainly made a lot of money doing it. c-span: robert rubin is a democrat and alan greenspan a republican for something on the other side of the right of center. this is a political matter? >> guest: this is again across the aisle. hom
of funding for flues insurance programs to help those affected by hurricane sandy. the house passed the measure today, and if the senate approves it, the bill goes to president obama for his signature. until the senate gavels in, here's a look at vice president joe biden who, yesterday, held a mock swearing in ceremony for a number of senators of the new 113th congress. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> please raise your right hand. do you solemnly swear to support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic? that you bear true faith and do the same, take the obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office about which you are about so help you god? >> i do. >> congratulations, senator. [inaudible conversations] >> you're gracious to let him go first. [inaudible conversations] >> pull that back a little. [inaudible conversations] >> raise your right hand? pull back so we can see the most important part of the team, okay? a
, and it doesn't take that much effort to be there for a kid. and i see -- i was very happy during sandy, we were able to do some things to raise through covenant house and the cooperation of some extraordinary people, to raise a lot of money because it actually doesn't take that much money to give a person a doorway of hope, and the last thing i'll say on this, for me, i get very upset, because when i first became mayor, i had a metaphor that i clung to. i tell people, such an optimistic hopeful person, told people i'm a prisoner of hope. when we walked through city hall seven years ago, there were so many challenges and i would try to gird my team up and say we're prisoners of hope. we can do nothing but hope. now seven years later my metaphor is completely changed. i see powerfulfully transformative things happening, from the large parks expansion in the century, down housing market to the creativity of my team to double the production of affordable house; first anytime 60 years the population actually going up. hotels built by new -- newarker, and i'm now hope unhinged because now i believe t
that have nothing to do with helping the people affected by sandy. that would be the responsible thing to do and responsible advocacy to pass it and not worry about all wasteful spending, but put the chirp in more debt. put our country on a more unsustainable footing so we get ours now is the problem that we have been through for really generations. we can't continue to do this. i think that was an opportunity missed by the governor. he needs to advocate for his state, no question. we need to help those affected by sandy, but we don't need to hurt everybody else in the process. >> host: the club for growth look at governor's races when you put money and resources behind a certain candidate? >> we do not, just federal races for house and senate. >> host: governor christie in the state of the state address said washington has to look at us and how we do things around here. what do you think of him as a governor? >> guest: there are many reform governors in the country that we should look to as examples of reform that we need to adopt as a country. in some cases, governor christie has done a ve
:00 a.m. eastern to consider a bill regarding hurricane sandy relief funding. you can see that live on c-span at 10:00 a.m. at one eastern, a joint meeting of congress. he will count the electoral boards for vice president and president. >> now, peter piot on his book, "no time to lose." from the council on foreign relations in new york city, this is a little more than an hour. >> good evening. welcome to the council on foreign relations. i am laurie garrett, senior official for the global health program. i am very pleased and excited about our discussion today. we have a very big treat. we not only have doctor peter piot, the founder of the united nations a program, but we have the current director with us as well. we have a true continuity that stands for several decades. and i think you'll have a lively and fantastic conversation. what brings us here today is "no time to lose", a life in pursuit of deadly viruses, doctor peter piot's memoir. it is not an attempt to write history of anything. but rather an attempt to describe how the world in the history developed through the eyes of a
. the housemates attend eastern to consider a bill regarding hurricane sandy really funding. you can see that live on c-span at 10 eastern. at 1 p.m. eastern, senators will join house members for joint meeting of congress. >> maggie hassan was sworn in thursday as governor of new hampshire. the ceremony was a half hour. [applause] thank you. madam speaker, mr. president, madam chief justice, honorable members of the house and the senate and the executive council, former governor, u.s. senator, my fellow citizens, thank you for the trust you have placed in me. it tumbles me, and it will sustain me as i work to lead our remarkable state. [applause] today, as i was sworn in as your governor, i pledged to follow the constitutions of new hampshire and the united states. now i will make one more promise. i will work as hard as i can to honor your trust. i will strive to do so in the tradition that has guided us throughout our history, the tradition of openness, bipartisanship, and collective problem-solving. [applause] no one has exemplified that tradition more than the person i am succeeding. [applause
. the reason that superstorm sandy caused such damage in the northeast of the united states was not exclusively related to environmental policies and actions taken in the united states of america. we live on a shared planet, we have shared interests across that planet; climate, health care, labor, migration issues, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction issues, regulating financial markets globally. and the course of civilization, the history of civilization is taking government from small tribes and villages to city-states, to nation-states, to broader and broader societal groupings because our economies extended across the old borders, and our travel extended across the old borders, and the threats and risks we face came from beyond those borders. so it's only natural that over time we'll develop stronger global institutions because we face more shared problems with all of these people. and if i can add one last thing, remember the beginning of of the united states of america. the economy of the southern states and the northern states was very, very different. and even today the economy
that have now been in ruins. and also now, given hurricane sandy, those down in new jersey and staten island, queens and brooklyn can also, unfortunately, relate to this challenge. what do you do? now, whether we come to this storyline with that kind of connection or not, we've all had disasters in our experience. we've all had those unexpected moments where something happens, and suddenly our life isn't the same as it was a moment before. everything has changed. we have to figure out how do we survive. these moments of crisis test us. they test our instincts, our loyalties, our faith in ourselves, our creativity. they test our emotions, and they certainly test our courage. on may 16, 1874, a reservoir dam gave way in western massachusetts. it unleashed an inland tidal wave that was at times 20 to 40 feet high, and 300 feet wide. it roared down a 40-mile valley and swept through the villages of williamsburgh, skinnerville, hayden bill, lead, florence. to give you a sense of the power of that water is to appreciate the amount of time it took to pass through portions of the valley. in the lowe
to help the folks involved in hurricane sandy. i am sorry that happened to our neighbors to the north but we were in that line at one point in time and thank you, we didn't have to deal with that. we wanted to do whatever we could to help the folks that came up to help you all get through that. that changed our process a little bit. i apologize. i have laryngitis. the process changed a little bit. we managed how we administered daily work. one of the things we dealt with was a different interest groups that i wanted to make sure our citizens were able to register and get their absentee ballots to the processes. we encountered -- we are at a satellite site that one of the special-interest groups came to us for training, set up outside and it was confusion to our voters because basically sign up at the table for voter registration and then when they would call us they had not received their notification of registration. we hadn't received their application, we have so many helpful groups that they can give to us instead of going to central area and coming back, that would cut the time d
york city officials and power outages and displaced citizens in the wake of hurricane sandy which happened the week before the 2012 election. part of a panel looking at issues that arose in november. another official from pennsylvania described how difficult it was to train poll workers and considering a new voter id law in that state. this is about 90 minutes. ♪ ♪ [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon. i would like to welcome you back to our round table discussion informing change and review of the events and issues surrounding the 2012 election cycle. this morning we had a panel of election workers and administrators as well as researchers, advocates of media individuals on two separate panels and i think we had a pretty lively discussion on that. we will continue this afternoon with state and local election officials. we have requested and gathered officials from the united states and helping they will be able to share, i am sure they will, their experiences of what they went through in the 2012 election. i mentioned earlier in the morning session that we did have off
life coverage of hurricane sandy. it is everywhere we need to be to paraphrase, i don't know, some advertisement or another, and it is a great, wonderful new world. the big difference is that you, as the news consumer, have to do the work that you didn't have to do before. just like this is a caveat into a small world. you have to choose your pension plans. you have to choose your health care plans. paper or plastic. you have everything thrown in your lap, and maybe most important is the information you choose to consume. you are what you eat. you can eat nothing but chocolate pudding your entire life, or you can veepture out there and vary your diet. it is all there. i'm there's so many times when i spoke in public forums, and someone will say why aren't the media covering x? i'll say, wow, that's interesting. how do you find out about x? invariably, it's the "new york times," but it was on page 6 below the fold, and they thought it should be on page 1 above the fold, and the media, the media you consume are not reflecting your priorities. well, the media that you consume are run
to bring to a vote the needed relief for our fellow americans suffering from hurricane sandy is an outrage. an outrage. then they let the session enwithout reoff -- re theiring the violence against women act. they left a normally bipartisan piece of legislation expire for the first time since 1994, putting women across the country at risk, all because they wanted to refuse to protect vulnerable populations like immigrants and native americans and members of the lgbt community. and now with priorities like that, you're not going to be surprised what i'm going to share with you. no emily's list conducted research on independent women voters. not democrats or republicans. independents, in battlegrounds states and what we found was really quite stunning. the women we surveyed were not impressed with congress. what is stunning is that 77% of these independent women voters -- 77% -- said that congress was, quote, old, out of touch male politicians who don't have a clue what life is like for people like them, end quote. and i'm pretty sure if we had a poll on new year's eve, that number would be
they hope first responders. we talk a lot about realities of people impacted negatively by hurricane sandy, who were displaced, tragedy families went through. one of the most troubling recalls who received for the election protection hot line was a call from a cat to another unit at 8000 out-of-state workers and they came from all 50 states and none of them because they were deployed last minute had done absentee ballots. and they all were disenfranchised because they hope their fellow americans, but there were no provisions for them to vote. the governor says it's a state of the for their own in terminal first responders, to think about the thousands of out-of-state responders. and we did right at the last minute to a lot of these governors in the various states. the roots of all 50 states to save please absentee ballots, emergency process, implement for out-of-state workers. but i think the response was definitely less than desirable. so at that i will stop when we come back on recommendations i've got a whole lot to say they are. thank you so much. >> i hope it is a whole lot in one min
, and the lakes that secular state and in the rocky shores and sandy beaches of the seacoast. we see it in every town and city. the awe-inspiring beauty of our natural resources is critical to our hunting, fishing and tourism industries. it attracts businesses a notch for nurse to new hampshire and it is critical to the quality of a deal he lives. [applause] but what i love most about new hampshire is the all hands on deck eat those of our people. whenever there is a challenge, our people are ready to help in pitch and. we are a state that combines independence and community as nowhere else. but that it does requires we fully include all people of talent and energy in the life of our state. inclusiveness is part of our history. new hampshire is at the forefront to save the union and end slavery. over the decades of local waves of new citizens for the irish and french canadian immigrant with an 18th century, to immigrants from nepal, bhutan and all around the world who are reinvigorating our state today. we are a model for putting those men and women in our political process, exemplified today wh
of occupied sandy in that sense i come out of the seminary's well the texas it is a kind of moral in paris this. and that is what he gets. that is what americans get and king and malcolm got that if you, you know, we were where we should be, and fate is the belief that the good drawls to itself and as some of you may know why maybe in fierce debate within anarchist over the issue of violence and i debated them in september because i think that because we have this truth we do have this capacity. i think the movement is a mainstream movement. i think it actually articulates the concern of the mainstream and i think what's frightened the state more than anything was seen on the weekend mothers and fathers from new jersey as they did show up and push their strollers up and down the park and they loved a few bricks so -- .. in ways that are historically incoherent. in the use of america's founding history. sunday at 9:00 p.m. and midnight eastern on c-span2. ♪ ♪ this week on q & a two time pulitzer prize winning author robert caro discusses the passage of power. the latest book in the mult
to combat crime. the emergency responses to the hurricane and tropical storm isaac and sandy. they are doing a better job of collecting taxes. and this administration has really done a lot to tackle houses shortages, promote direct investment and expand basic services for haitians. immortality administration has made provisional electricity an emergency action that they are focusing on. u.s. aid helped the government. probably the biggest problem with the electricity generation is that very few people pay for the electricity. that's about a a whole in the budget from 100 to 200 million. frankly. and industry. and there's a terrific discussion of the problems and shelter earlier, and, you know, removing -- i think if you haven't been to port-au-prince recently the thing that will strike you as they pointed out the rubble is almost all gone from downtown. you see the far suburbs. and the tents especially the tents around the airport and other places they're gone. they asked for a redoubling effort to get rid of the it's last tent camps and we've moved money around in that regard. but i think t
when you hear from sandy know was devised by mrp it is called joint powers authority. like you have the joint powers authority? a simple answer is they need to create a special purpose vehicle. in with this quick take to take the mortgage and decide how much to pay later. with the analysis you only pay between 70 and 80 percent of the appraised value. mrp has a foreclosure discount for those who are current on the mortgage. with a separate legal entity they take the mortgage to say we pay later. then through the mrp refinance the mortgages through fha. but let me finish. through the program is determined later it was not free market value, the joint powers authority can be bankrupted it and nobody wins but the institutional investor with a pension funds who did not get fair market value now the mortgages are ripped off. >> i did not practice there. i/o lawyer but in fact, the condemning authority deposits with the court after they tried to negotiate with the property owner, they deposit what they think the value is worth then the property owner can take the money and still contest t
and figuratively to the foundation. we know from our own in united the encounter with mother nature hurricane sandy most recently it's not an easy task to recover from such natural cat fee. when you think about the magnitude and the huge earthquake of haiti it's not surprising that all has not gone as fast as everyone would have hoped. as "the new york times" article cited by blair and other publications have noted billions of aid was promised a the time of the earthquake and billions have been delivered. but some have not. is it the reason that reasons not quote, unquote fixed? i don't know. perhaps expectations were not expectly framed to begin with. i endorsed what blair was saying about this being a moment for reflection. because port-au-prince is in 2010 had established urban pattern already there was not a robust urban system and not able to keep pace with the huge growth over the past decade or more. and important physical ways pattern cannot be ignored nor has been the habit or preference of people who inabout this. so putting on the bask reconstruction the reconfiguration of an entire urba
for a society based on that. >> host: sandy's e-mail: who would you like to see as our next president? >> guest: we've, i think, studiously avoided endorsing presidents, congressmen, representatives. we've said publicly during this book that of the plans put forth by romney and obama, certainly on the taxes alone, the obama plan is a more, we think, equitable plan for the country as a whole. no doubt about that. and, you know, and we've said that. but what's amazing as we've talked about today is how mild that is compared to the way we used to deal with those issues. but that was certainly better in a system -- than a system that lets somebody of romney's wealth pay 14 president of his -- 14% of his income in federal taxes. that's just outrageous. >> host: now, on the other side, toward the end of this 2012 campaign, the republican side started saying, well, everybody should participate pointing out that 40, 50% of americans do not pay any income tax. >> guest: right. >> host: what's your view on that? >> guest: well, the problem is if the income keeps going down, i mean, you reach a point wher
. >> yep. >> and doing a good job. sandy adams is still young enough to continue her fight for the kennedy space center. ben quayle, young man -- he's not here today either, but i knew his father so well, i spent seven or eight days in russia with his dad. i was with him when he made a speech to the retiring editors and the retiring school people there. all of them communists. and he was making his speech, and he made the mistake of opening it up for questions. the way russians ask questions, they make about a 15-minute speech and then get into their question. but after their speech they said if you love us so much, why do you still have all those guns pointed toward us? and dan and i were way back down away from them, there was a rail between us. they couldn't hear what we said. i said tell the s.o.b. you don't trust him. dan said if i did, they'd run both of us out of there. but he made a good speech back to them and told them that they had a place at the table, and he believed that one day they would be there. and his son is a very fine young man, made -- did a wonderful job as vice cha
to a vote the needed relief for our fellow americans suffering from hurricane sandy is an outrage. it is an outrage. then they let the session ended without three authorizing the violence against women act. they lead a normal the bipartisan piece of legislation expired for the first time since 1994. putting women across the country at risk all because they wanted to refuse to protect vulnerable populations like immigrants and native americans and members of the ltv steel community. and now with priorities like that, you are not going to be surprised that women share now. emily's list conducted research on independent women voters, not democrat or republican, but independent voters and battleground states and what we found was quite stunning. the women that we've been surveyed were not impressed with congress, granted that is at the stunning part. what is stunning is that 77% of these independent women voters, 77% said congress was, quote, old out of touch male politicians who don't have a clue what life is like for people like them. and i sure that if we had done the poll on new y
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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